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What to Expect with CHANTIX

If you’re just getting started, you probably have some questions about how you might feel and what you might expect when you decide to quit smoking with CHANTIX.

How Might You Feel When Quitting Smoking?

When you try to quit smoking, with or without CHANTIX, you may have symptoms that may be due to nicotine withdrawal.

These may include: urge to smoke, depressed mood, trouble sleeping, irritability, frustration, anger, feeling anxious, difficulty concentrating, restlessness, decreased heart rate, increased appetite, and weight gain.

Some people have even experienced suicidal thoughts when trying to quit smoking without medication. Sometimes quitting smoking can lead to worsening of pre-existing mental health problems, such as depression. If you are feeling this way, let your healthcare provider know immediately. You may also want to talk to a trusted family member or friend.

How Might You Feel When Taking CHANTIX?

Some people experience new or worse mental health problems, such as changes in behavior or thinking, aggression, hostility, agitation, depressed mood, or suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping CHANTIX. However, these symptoms happened more often in people who had a history of mental health problems.

Stop taking CHANTIX and call your healthcare provider right away if you, your family, or your caregiver notice any of these symptoms. Before starting CHANTIX, tell your healthcare provider if you ever had depression or other mental health problems.

The most common side effects of CHANTIX include nausea, sleep problems (trouble sleeping or vivid, unusual, or strange dreams), constipation, gas, and/or vomiting. If you have side effects that bother you or don’t go away, tell your healthcare provider. He or she may be able to help you manage them.

These are not all of the side effects of CHANTIX. See Important Safety Information below and ask your healthcare provider for more information.