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Open Quit Smoking Journal

Starting Your Quit Journal

Many people smoke during specific times of the day, while in particular situations, or in certain places. Now that you’ve decided to quit, identifying these moments might help to avoid a slip-up in the future. Keeping a journal to track your progress can be very beneficial. You can anticipate the situations where you are most likely to smoke and better avoid them.

Each time you long to reach for a cigarette, write down:

  • When you want to smoke (e.g., morning, noon, night)
  • Where you want to smoke (e.g., home, work, socializing)
  • Why you want to smoke (e.g., after a meal, celebrating)
  • How intense the craving was, on a scale of 1-5

Keep a pen and small notebook in your car or purse. Every time you feel the urge to smoke, really take the time to track these urges, so you can understand them in the future. Eventually, you’ll be able to see these moments coming, prepare for them, and make new habits for yourself.