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Never Forget Why You Are Quitting

There are many reasons to quit smoking. Which ones are most important to you? Look at the list below, and identify the reasons that apply to you. Feel free to also come up with your own list, with your own unique reasons.

  • I’m ready for change
  • I spend too much time alone smoking
  • Smoking is affecting my relationships
  • It’s becoming harder to find places to smoke
  • I want to improve my health
  • Almost everywhere I go smoking is not allowed
  • I want to save money by not buying cigarettes
  • I don’t want to expose my family and friends to secondhand smoke
  • I'm planning on having a baby
  • I feel like I’m looked down upon as a smoker

The point here is this: There are a ton of amazing reasons to quit smoking. Never forget what’s specifically motivating you. If it is a family member, an activity, or a vacation destination, make sure it is as front and center as possible, for inspiration.