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How Quitting Smoking May Help You Make New Friends

Some smokers worry that quitting smoking may mean changing up their social activities and losing their “smoking buddies.” But not to fear, people who quit smoking may actually expand their social networks and make new friends!

While those who quit smoking may have less contact with smokers, they may also have the opportunity to try new activities and make new friends with other non-smokers.

The social side of quitting

For many people, smoking is a social activity, so quitting smoking may mean a shift in your relationships with people with whom you once smoked. Let these smoking buddies know that you’re quitting, and that you’d rather hang out with them in smoke-free places. Going bowling or mini golfing can unite many for an enjoyable evening.

Make sure to share your reasons for quitting with them—maybe they’ll be inspired to quit with you! Then, you can be each other’s supporters throughout the journey.

Wondering how to make new friends as you begin your quit journey? Read on for some tips on expanding your social circle that may complement your quit.

Say sayonara to smoking stigmas

Do you ever avoid social situations because you’re worried about what people will think about your smoking? Some smokers may feel judged, which can lead them to hide their smoking status from friends and family. This in turn may prevent smokers from reaching out to find support and help when they quit smoking.

When you quit, those stigmas may be a thing of the past. Additionally, you can enjoy spending time with family and friends without having to step out for a cigarette. Here are some things you might be able to look forward to doing with others without having to take a smoke break:

  • Watching a movie in the theater
  • Going on a road trip
  • Eating dinner at a favorite restaurant
  • The possibilities are endless—and so are the numbers of people you could meet

New hobbies with new friends

Once you’re smoke-free, there will be plenty of new things that you may want to try. Celebrate your wellness by taking up a new hobby. Your community likely has plenty of options for having fun and meeting new people.

  • Sports leagues and fitness groups. Exercising can help reduce urges to smoke. Plus, you’ll get to meet like-minded people who are also looking to keep fit, but be sure to check with your doctor before beginning any new exercise routine.
  • Cooking classes and gardening. Celebrate by asking friends new and old to check out new restaurants with you. Join a gardening club, and once you harvest your veggies, invite the club over to make a homemade meal and savor the smells that come with it. Cooking can help us feel more in control of our environment, and it connects us to the people we’re cooking with.
  • Book clubs and more. There are so many options for meeting new people in smoke-free settings. Whatever your hobby is, be it movie watching, comic book reading, stamp collecting, or going to sporting events in smoke-free stadiums, it’s likely that there are people who would jump at the opportunity to enjoy it with you. Look into groups forming at the library, rec center, or music store.

Be in good company

More and more people embark on quit journeys each day, and it’s very possible that your new friends might have quit smoking stories or tips of their own. Once you quit, you’ll get to join the ranks of millions of non-smokers and former smokers, all potential new friends who can inspire your quit journey every day.