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5 Desktop Distractions to Help Keep You from Smoking

Picking up and holding a cigarette may have once been a familiar routine. Some quitters may miss holding a cigarette in their hands and may feel a strong need to keep their fingers busy. Some may also need a distraction when they get the urge to smoke.

There are plenty of creative things to do with your hands to distract yourself. Whether you’re twirling a pen or squeezing a stress ball, it may be helpful to find the hand-trick that is right for you. Think outside the box—there are many possibilities! Here are 5 desktop distractions to start with:

Cat’s Cradle

Got some yarn? Got some time? Practice this age-old pattern game to pass some time and engage your hands while giving your brain a little break from work.

Rock the Baby

This Yo-Yo trick is fun, easy, and a simple way to fill a minute or 2. You can even teach a niece or nephew next time the internet goes down.


Not only will you have a momentary distraction from smoking, but you can also hold onto these little shapes to brighten up your desk or give as homemade gifts.


Exercise your brain and focus your hands with this mentally immersive numbers puzzle.

Mobile Games

Distract yourself by taking advantage of that smartphone in your bag. Download a few fun games you can enjoy coming back to again and again.